Connection in Business

You don’t have to entrepreneur solo

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the responsibility of running a business and let connecting with others take a backseat. It’s important to remember how valuable socializing can be – both for your business and for yourself. If you’re spending all your time lately alone and in front of your laptop, take a break and try one of these ways to connect.


  1. Sign Up for Professional Events


Lots of people connect with coworkers daily just by getting up and walking to another desk. It’s a little more tricky for those who work alone. Professional events are a great way to meet other people in the industry, network, and socialize, while also learning a thing or two about running your business. Look for upcoming conferences if you’re interested in being around a larger group. Bonus: you’ll get to travel and explore a new city during your downtime.


  1. Connect on Social Media


There’s a good chance that you aren’t the only person in your social network that’s working for themselves. Put out a call on social media for other women entrepreneurs who might want to connect. Reach out to them privately, or make a public invitation for solo workers to get together for coffee and a convo during the week.


  1. Join a Networking Group


If you’re in a city, there are most likely plenty of networking groups to choose from. These groups always have a purpose. You can meet others who are building their businesses and share experiences with one another. These groups are a great way to learn from others, and a good opportunity to get out of the house or the office once a week to meet up.


  1. Find Other Young Professionals


Like networking groups, you can find groups specifically for young professionals if you’re looking for connections with people close to your age. Young professional groups will often get together to discuss work, but there’s also a social aspect that members love. Your group might volunteer together, work on ways to help the community, or just get together for pizza on Friday nights.


  1. Plan a Zoom Chat


Do you know someone else who started their own business? Do you have a friend in the same industry? It’s time to reconnect. Block off some time in your week to have a Zoom or Skype call. Put work aside for the hour, make a cup of coffee, and enjoy a good chat with someone else who just gets it.


  1. Go to Happy Hour


Just because you aren’t working at a traditional 9-to-5 job doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good happy hour cocktail. Call up some friends or invite new friends from one of your professional groups and get out for some fun. Happy hour is the perfect time to unwind before jumping back into work in the morning.


Do you like to get involved in groups or meet up one-on-one? There are plenty of ways to socialize when you work for yourself if you’re willing to make time. How do you stay connected when you’re working solo?


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