Time To Reset 2020?

It’s crazy to think that we are officially on the second half of 2020! It’s almost unbelievable the amount of things that we all had to deal with for the first half of the year!  From the community quarantines, to homeschooling, to working from home while the whole family is home, to cooking countless meals and to long queues everywhere.  I think everybody can agree that a reset button can be pretty handy right now.

Imagine being able to fix this nightmare of a year.  Imagine being able to flick a switch so we could restart 2020 and get a clean slate.  Well we all know, life doesn’t quite work that way.  We don’t have a reset button and we can’t just press pause or fast forward to make life easier to deal with. 

Life still goes on but with all these changes and anxiety swirling around us, it can be hard to stay focused and align with your goals. That’s why it’s important to have the right mindset. With the right mindset, you can reset your viewpoint and your actions to get “refocused” and align yourself again with the goals you had at the beginning of the year. 

Check out these 7 ways on how you can do the big 2020 reset with your mindset.

1.  Recognize that Goals and Paths are Two Different Things

Most entrepreneurs these days are trying their hardest to focus on their goal but not really getting closer. Your business is getting busier by the day, and you feel like you’re spending all your energy on clients.  If this is happening to you, you’ve likely wandered off the path towards your goal. 

Re-evaluate your path: Is it moving you forward? Are you letting yourself get caught on tangents?

Lack of progress can diffuse motivation. Rethink your path and set it up to really push you forward.

2.  Don’t Let Other People Cloud Your Head

Another reason you might find yourself feeling flat when you reach a checkpoint or milestone: The goal you’ve achieved is not really yours. It’s something you’ve been told to do, or expected to do, by someone else.

Listen to your own voice. Learn to be aware when yours isn’t the one setting the pace.

What’s right for ninety percent of your peers might not be right for you.

3.  Have A Good Support System

If you really want to feel motivated, surround yourself with positive and focused people who share a similar mindset and drive. Join an accountability group. Find a mentor. Hire a coach.

Sometimes the whole problem is just that you’re doing it alone.  A good support system can point out your blind spots and gives you that boost when the going gets tough.

4.  Journal Your Way To Motivation

Even if you don’t like journaling, this is a highly useful tool to embrace where you are on your journey. Articulating your thoughts on paper helps you quickly see through premises or statements that aren’t really true (just as it does if you talk about a topic in a group). It helps you get to the reasons behind the feelings, the feelings behind the excuses. 

Journaling enables you to map your progress and allows you to look back at how far you’ve actually come.

Change up Your Space

Sometimes our workspaces can add to depression, frustration and weariness.  Take a good look at yours. Is it too dark? Is your chair uncomfortable? Is the lighting too harsh from that particular lamp? Is there too much clutter?

Create a plan to make your workspace or home office an inspiring place that energizes and gets you excited again. Change the layout. Get rid of the clutter.

Get that shelving unit you so desperately need. Put up inspirational posters or artwork. Have your favorite mantra made into a graphic for your wall. Put in a sound system and play motivational tapes or exciting music while you work.

Move your desk to a different location. Buy a new chair. Paint your room a color that either calms or energizes you, depending on what you feel you need most.

Once you’ve planned out what you need to do, act. Transform your home office into the workspace of your dreams – one that reflects your mission and your brand.

6.  Trust Your Intuition

Logic and business sense tells us one thing. If we focus on only those business decisions and don’t listen to the way our bodies and minds are reacting to those decisions, we can quickly end up losing our motivation and confidence.

Listen to your gut. If a potentially lucrative client twists your stomach into a tight pretzel – if you develop a dull headache during a discovery session if your mood feels heavy right after completing one – respect those insights from your inner self. You have the ability to turn that particular client down.

Your body and mind deliver these clues for a good reason. Let that trump ‘logical’ or financial considerations.

7.  Outsource Your Way to Happiness

Have you gotten caught up in the idea that you need to do everything yourself to make your business successful?  Many of us fall into the trap of taking on too much because we feel so personally attached to our brands and it can be hard to delegate and trust others to do as good a job as you.

Outsourcing some tasks can free up your time so you can focus on the parts of running your company that you truly enjoy and where you generate the best return on investment.  So it’s important to
consider what in your business you can delegate and what tasks you should take on yourself.

We will definitely remember 2020. It has pushed us to our limits but in one way or another it also has taught us to quickly adapt and change.  It’s not too late to turn this year around, so use these tools to do what you can do to change your circumstances.

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Ines Ruiz

Ines Ruiz

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Strategies, Support And Empowerment For Women Entrepreneurs

We believe in you. Welcome to the community you belong to.