Have you ever heard or said things like:

Nobody engages with my posts

I cannot get clients to sign up for my coaching packages

I do Facebook live all the time, but no clients!

I am all day posting Facebook groups, and still broke!

Why X is doing it if she is not really that good?

I do a lot of discovery calls and no signs up

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Sounds familiar? The simple answer why it’s not working is:

Either you are talking to the wrong people or you are talking about something that nobody cares.

Ouch I know, right in your ego, and if you have a big ego please stop reading now because I am about to hurt it a bit more.

  • Ouch number 1:

Social media is your window shopping, not your market. Social media is for you to engage and give value…read that again….engage and give value, so they know who you are and that what you do is valuable. Do you really engage? or you just drop a looong post about YOU and how great you are? That is not engaging…and this goes for posts and Facebook live videos.

  • Ouch number 2:

The Facebook group of coach X is not your tribe its hers. Meaning the people in her group are HER ideal client and not subsequently yours, so you are giving your “value” to people who might not really be interested in that.

  • Ouch number 3:

Like you, most of us are in several groups. Meaning: Posting about your “last spot” for yourprogram in 5 different groups with probably the same people on it is not going to take you very far.

  • Ouch number 4:

Since you don’t really know your client, you don’t talk/offer programs or coaching packages that resonate with her. Your content is key, but if we start in the wrong path withan image of our client that is wrong or not really specific, you are going nowhere. Do your clients really want that? Or is just the program “that you want” AKA being in love with the perfect program that you created in your head without taking into account your client.

  • Ouch number 5:


Offering free discovery calls to either people that are not your ideal clients or do discovery calls just to tell them ho great you are and that they need to join your program is not going to work because, again you are not engaging or giving value. Offer a free session in which you really tackle a problem, it´s about them not about you, provide them value and they will be happy to work with you (if they are your ideal client)

And when I talk about “ideal” client I don’t mean that exercises that we all have done before.

“My ideal client is a women entrepreneur that is not afraid of taking risks and up-leveling”

That translated into practical marketing terms means NADA.

So the first phase of flourishing your online business is the type of clients you want and the ideal customer base that you’ll target that will help you and your business to achieve goals.

Join me in this free video and workbook where you can explore WHO your clients really are and how can we apply those characteristics to find them in social media.

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Strategies, Support And Empowerment For Women Entrepreneurs

We believe in you. Welcome to the community you belong to.

Ines Ruiz

Ines Ruiz

Inés Ruiz is a former Cambridge University Lecturer, military spouse turned entrepreneur. She created a multiple 6-figure online educational business in less than 16 months. After her success, she wanted to help other women create their online business - no matter their circumstances- and founded the Women Entrepreneur Community. She is the host of the show/Podcast “We Talk” in which she features other women entrepreneurs journeys.

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Ines Ruiz is the founder and CEO of Diary of an Entrepreneur, ELEInternacional, and the award-winning Medita Spanish, the world’s first guided meditation and language app. She has two Masters Degrees in e-learning and education and was a professor at Cambridge University, where she created one of the first online learning environments for the Spanish department.

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Strategies, Support And Empowerment For Women Entrepreneurs

We believe in you. Welcome to the community you belong to.