What Goes Around Comes Around: Here’s How Being a Better Person Can Make You Better at Business

Why do good people make great business leaders? Read on to find out!

People Love Authenticity

A foundational factor is any type of successful relationship is a strong sense of trust, and business relationships are no exception. 

When you treat your clients the same way that you would treat say, a personal friend that you respect, you are proving to your clients that they can rely on your rain or shine. 

So if something goes wrong, don’t worry about trying to cover it up. Instead, focus on putting forth a genuine apology and working toward finding a solution where everybody is happy. 

When You Truly Care, It Shows

One of the biggest mistakes that a business owner can make is to not actually care about their client’s needs. The problem is that, if people don’t care, they may put on a good act. However, ambivalence will almost always shine through, if not in the way that people overtly act, then in their more subtle body language cues. 

Meanwhile, when business owners really do care, their clients pick up on it and respond in kind. This is why it is so important to show them that you care about them as people, and not just about the money that they are bringing in for your business. 

This means making eye contact, smiling, listening to what they have to say and working to build the invaluable relationships that make people want to come back. 

Maintain a Consistent Image in and out of the Office

We’ve probably all seen those types of people who act polite in one type of context, then turn their backs and act like a total jerk to say, a family member or close friend. When it comes to business, if you have two faces, they are likely to catch up with you and start putting people off sooner or later, not to mention that it is going to eventually get hard to keep up the act

Meanwhile, people who are already open, honest, gracious and loving in their private lives have no need to flick a switch and put on another face for the workplace. This means that they can focus all that energy that they don’t have to use pretending to be somebody else into making their business the best it can be instead. 

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Strategies, Support And Empowerment For Women Entrepreneurs

We believe in you. Welcome to the community you belong to.