6 Everyday Self Care Practices That Will Make You a Better Boss

Self care practices to be a better boss

When you’re running a business and potentially managing employees, it’s easy to let your work consume your life and self care falls by the way side. It’s important to take some time for yourself each day to prevent burnout and ensure that you’ll be productive and effective as a leader. Here are a few self care ideas to get you started.


  1. Get Plenty of Sleep


This one may seem simple, but it’s also the key to living a long, healthy, and productive life. There’s a ton of research about how important it is to get enough sleep at night. Take it to heart. Getting between 7 and 9 hours each night will help you make the most of your time spent working the next day. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll probably notice that your mood will be worse, your patience will be wearing thin, and you’ll have a harder time working through your to do list.


  1. Meditate


When you’re in the middle of a hectic week, the last think you’re probably thinking about is sitting in a quiet room and doing nothing for 20 minutes. But sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Meditation can help you release the stress you’ve been building up and give you an opportunity to reset before getting back to work. Try meditating in the morning to start your day on the right foot, or in the evening to let go of everything you’ve felt during the day.


  1. Find a Hobby


When you’re working for yourself, your job can take up a lot of your time and your other favorite pastimes will tend to get pushed to the side. Hobbies are an important part of self care because they’re activities that bring joy to your life. Revisit an old hobby like playing on a local volleyball league or find a new hobby like joining a book club. I personally make sure I take time to do what I enjoy – painting!


  1. Make a Personal Day


Women entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges in the work week. Those challenges are even more extensive for women entrepreneurs of color. If you’re feeling the pressure of getting everything done and not taking time to step away from your desk, it’s time to start. Take one day to walk away from your professional obligations and focus on something for yourself. It might be cleaning your apartment or eating ice cream for lunch. Do whatever you feel will work for you.


  1. Embrace Healthy Habits


You won’t be able to give your business a hundred percent if you’re not healthy and able to make it happen. Incorporate healthy habits into your day to day life to make sure you’re staying on top of your physical and mental health. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy meals, and fit in time for exercise a few days a week. I start every morning with a celery juice!


  1. Be Grateful


You’re a busy woman and you likely have a lot of stress in your daily life. That’s why it’s more important than ever to focus on the good things in your life. Take time each day to jot down a few things that you’re grateful for. Use this time to decompress and reflect on how your career path has brought joy into your life. When things get hectic, come back to your list and re-center.


When you’re feeling great, you’ll be more able to run your business in a smart and effective way. Take care of yourself with these self care practices and continue being the girl boss you were made to be.


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Ines Ruiz

Ines Ruiz

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Strategies, Support And Empowerment For Women Entrepreneurs

We believe in you. Welcome to the community you belong to.