Strategies, Support And Empowerment For Women Entrepreneurs

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This isn’t my story, it’s OUR story.​

Diary of an Entrepreneur is not just my story, it’s the story of every woman entrepreneur.

For me, this place represents my passion to help other women entrepreneurs, no matter where they’re at on their entrepreneurial journey. After years of struggling myself and finally finding my own success, I want to help women entrepreneurs find the freedom they seek, and grow themselves and their businesses without the typical BS and nonsense.

This community is meant to be an ever-growing hub of simple, actionable online courses and a foundation of no-fluff support to help YOU get more clients, more income, and more joy in your life and your business.

How It Works

Learn While Receiving Support

This is not just an information library. We are living, breathing people with goals just like yours, and we are going to be taking action, sharing wins, and moving forward together. Together, we can end the loneliness of entrepreneurship and build a better online community.


This isn’t one of those funnels where you have to pay every time you want the next level of content. We give you full transparency from the start. You’ll SEE everything and be able to ASK anything without endless funnels or paywalls. This is what we call #nakedbusiness.


You'll get immediate access to execution content that you can work on at your own pace. We'll also be developing specific content based on what you need, bringing guest experts, and creating tailor made resources to help you and your business move forward.


This isn’t an invitation to a passive coaching program. This is an invitation to take a journey together. We’ll be live, accessible, and consistently interacting with you. Plus, we’ll have regular showcases on our public Facebook page, so you can join and share your expertise.

What Makes This So Different

Fulfillment Comes First

We believe in a different approach to business, and focus on communication that is holistic and transparent. Because your business is an extension of YOU, so it should be aligned with your values and who you are.

We Are All Peers

Many online entrepreneur communities have a cult culture. We want to take back the word “community” and restore it to its truest essence where connection is the core. We are all peers in this journey and you deserve a community that recognizes this.

We Don't Compromise Our Intuition

Who are we? A community that thrives together, takes action, and is creating a new generation of entrepreneurs doing something good in the world, without compromising their intuition. There are no secret formulas, just people who have given themselves permission to BE who they are and show up unapologetically.

We Embrace Our "Flaws"

We want to share this journey with you and become part of a community of women raising the standards of what being an entrepreneur is. Embracing who we are instead of trying to be somebody else, embracing our strengths instead of our weaknesses, and defining what success is in our own terms.


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Can You Afford To Keep Running In The Hamster Wheel?​

How much is the empty hustle costing you? You might be losing potential customers who don’t see your offers in the sea of online noise. Maybe you spend so much time working for your business that you miss opportunities because you can’t show up fully. Or your feast and famine mode has started to kill your motivation. It’s time to let go of that empty hustle and take inspired, purposeful action to grow.

In Our Community

On Your Own

You are welcome in this pack of unicorns if you...

Want to create a sustainable business instead of having feast and famine cycles.

Are willing to work for a long term solution, not a quick fix.

Don't like pre-established formulas for success. You dance to your own drum beat.

Take responsibility for your own business - your failures and your successes.

Are going to show up unapologetically and empower the hell out of the sisters in our community.

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Strategies, Support And Empowerment For Women Entrepreneurs

We believe in you. Welcome to the community you belong to.